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Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Contents

  1. Won't I lose all my past records if I change tax companies?
  2. What if I'm audited?
  3. How do I get to my appointment?
  4. Where can I find a real person on the phone?
  5. What should I  bring to my appointment?
  6. With whom will I meet for my appointment?
  7. What if I have to cancel my appointment?
  8. When do I get my finished return?


Won't I lose all my past records if I change tax companies?

No!  Your previous tax person is required to maintain past copies of your tax returns for 3 years.  Original copies of detailed supporting information must be returned to you after completing your returns.  The tax company will normally provide you with and charge you for copies of past returns.  Records of your past returns are available from other sources and can be retrieved at a cost equal to or less then that charged by the previous tax person, but with longer delays. 

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What if I'm audited?

The founder and Principal of Douglas Tax, Neil Harrison, is an Enrolled Agent which allows him to represent client and non-client individuals and companies before the Internal Revenue Service and to accompany you within U.S. courts having jurisdiction over tax cases.  He has 34 years experience in tax preparation and tax consulting services representing individuals, fiduciaries and business entities.  Neil's experience includes broad exposure in representing clients before the Federal and State tax authorities in matters ranging from correspondence to in-depth multi-year audits..

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How do I get to my appointment?

Directions are provided in this web site.  Just click on 'Locations' in the left margin of this page, find your appointment office, then click on 'Directions.'  You should also receive directions to your appointment which we send to you by mail or e-mail!  You can also call us for directions . . . but leave enough time for us to receive your voice-mail message if you do not contact a live receptionist.

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Where can I find a real person on the phone?

We try to cover the phones ourselves if we are in the office, without client and not on another line.  We also try to respond to your messages promptly and haven't heard many complaints so far!  We have found our past receptionist services result in an immediate redirection of your call to our voice mail anyway.

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What should I bring to my appointment?

You should receive by mail or email a list of items to bring to your appointment!  If you did not receive this list at least two weeks before your appointment, please call and inform us!

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With whom will I meet for my appointment?

Neil "Douglas" Harrison unless you are otherwise informed at the time your appointment was confirmed!

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What if I have to cancel my appointment?

We very much hope you can advise us of your intention to cancel at least 4 - 7 days in advance of your appointment!  We cannot assure a new appointment at the same temporary, seasonal office.  We might have to rebook you for the Sherman Oaks year-around office.

One way to utilize your, and our cancelled appointment time wisely is to mail or hand deliver all your tax information to us for arrival at our
13701 Riverside Drive address three or more days in advance of your appointment.  Then call us and e-mail us to let us know the package is on the way.  We can than use your appointment time to prepare your taxes and, if possible, talk with you over the telephone about your tax information.  This approach might eliminate the need to rebook your appointment.

Emergency causes for cancellations are unavoidable.  However, if you are canceling simply because you do not have all the information you expected for your tax appointment or you have a cold or you couldn't get a baby sitter, we highly encourage you to come to the appointment anyway!  Bring those youngsters with you!  Or, bring a hospital mask or dust mask that you can put on in our offices to avoid spreading your cold!  Or, forward any missing information to us later so we can at least get your return(s) initiated!  In other words, we appreciate anything you can do to help us avoid a policy of charging for last minute cancellations in the future.

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When do I get my finished return?

Clients electing to file their returns electronically using the services we provide may receive their return within days provided we are able to complete the return during the tax appointment time period.  The client's review and acceptance of the return will allow us to expedite its final submission immediately.  Click on the icon to the left of this screen to read more on this subject.

Clients choosing our traditional filing methods should normally receive their tax return 7-12 days after their appointment unless they are (a) informed of missing information at the time of the appointment needed to complete the return or (b) informed of our need to rerun their return for a reason indicated.  If your return does not arrive within the expected timeframe, please call and inform us at your earliest convenience.

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