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Douglas Tax Company members include:

Neil "Douglas" Harrison, BS, MBA, EA            Principal

The founder and Principal of Douglas Tax, Neil is an Enrolled Agent which allows him to represent client and non-client individuals and companies before the Internal Revenue Service and to assist taxpayer's within U.S. courts having jurisdiction over tax cases.  A USC graduate with a Loyola Marymount MBA, he has 34 years experience in tax preparation and consulting services representing individuals, fiduciaries and business entities.  Neil's experience includes broad exposure in representing clients before the Federal and State tax authorities in matters ranging from correspondence to in-depth multi-year audits..

You can reach Neil this time of year at:  nharrison@douglastax.com

Mel Bresee, BS, TP                                       Consultant

A USC graduate, Mel is a long-term Associate member with more than six years recent experience in tax preparation.  He maintains an ongoing West Los Angeles tax clientele each year while overseeing many of the administrative responsibilities that help us achieve the customer satisfaction we seek.   Mel brings to the company a solid reputation in the Los Angeles financial community with over 24 years of business experience.

You can reach Mel this time of year at:  mbresee@douglastax.com

Jessica Kelly                                                  Consultant
Lisa oversees the accuracy and quality of tax products we deliver to our clients.  She provides essential crosschecks throughout the product process cycle from data entry to final printout, implementing corrections and improvements along the way.  She provides technical support as well as quality controls.

You can reach Lisa this time of year at:  lgriffin@douglastax.com

Tia Griffin                                 Client Coordination
Nadine coordinates with all of our clients by e-mail or mail for appointments and to monitor client communications.  She will answer client inquiries or dispatch them to the appropriate respondent.

You can reach Nadine this time of year at:  neisenkolb@douglastax.com


Our Contact Information

        (323) 469-7250
        Includes Seasonal Locations
Main Overnight Delivery address:
Please call (323) 469-7250

Postal & Billing address:
           PO Box 561, Los Angeles, California 90078
(323) 469-7250

        (818) 992-3104
Electronic mail:
 General Information: nharrison@douglastax.com
 Appointments: 2019appts@douglastax.com
 Sales: nharrison@douglastax.com
 Customer Support: Support@douglastax.com 
 Webmaster: Support@douglastax.com
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Last modified: November 24, 2018