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A Tax Organizer is offered to assist you in gathering and communicating your personal tax information for the current tax year.  When organizing for the presentation of more complex tax information, this feature might offer considerable time savings.

Key Benefits:

It initiates your contact information so we know if you are a new or previous client;
It allows you to sporadically collect and organize all the information we need to do your personal income tax return
. . . at a time convenient to you
. . . as you receive the information

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Our Contact Information

        (323) 469-7250
        Includes Seasonal Locations
Main Overnight Delivery address:
Please call (323) 469-7250

Postal & Billing address:
           PO Box 561, Los Angeles, California 90078
(323) 469-7250

        (818) 992-3104
Electronic mail:
 General Information: nharrison@douglastax.com
 Appointments: 2019appts@douglastax.com
 Sales: nharrison@douglastax.com
 Customer Support: Support@douglastax.com 
 Webmaster: Support@douglastax.com
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Last modified: November 24, 2018